Nancy Wilson Children's Home

In 1993, Dr. Wendell C. Wilson's vision of making disciples through Loving Hands Ministries, extended into the nation of India. We now have over 160 churches under the Loving Hands covering as well as the Nancy Wilson Children's Home, that houses and cares for 45 beautiful orphan children. Last year we began construction on the second floor of the Orphanage to be used as our School (K - High School) for the orphans. It will also be used as our Kimberly Wilson Dodson Training Center to train up more disciples. Most of our children come from poor families, and many times they do not have a mother or father. Here they are not only fed and clothed, but they are trained up in the ways of God, including attending our Loving Hands Community Church and participating weekly in the various church activities.  

Minister to the millions of unreached people that have never heard the name of Jesus, by caring for the orphans God brings us, making disciples, and training up leaders to go out and spread the gospel.

Focusing on ministering to those in areas of great poverty, there are many needs that arise in each of our individual church bodies. We purpose to complete projects as their needs arise and the funds become available. Here you can see some of our greatest needs at this time.

We commit by faith to send on average $2000 per month to our work in India. For only $30 per month, you can help us by sponsoring one of our orphanage children. This provides housing, clothing, food, and their schooling. If you would like to donate towards one of our much-needed Projects, that would be a great blessing as well!

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